Who am I?

Hi all.

My name is Michael and I am a tech geek and proud of it 🙂
I love gadgets and technical stuff and is a always eagerly waiting for the next big thing. Many years ago I discovered the automatic home. At that time this was only intelligent lights in the living room using  X10 gadgets but today this has developed tremendously. Now a smart home is so much more than lights being turned on and off via a remote. It is unlocking the door, turning on the TV, closing the blinds, making coffee, surveillance outdoor, surveillance in the nursery, opening the garage when the car arrives.

The light is still a focus point though. Many people like the fact that the lights follow you when you walk around in the house. Not just turning the lights on and off as you walk in the room but also having in mind if you are walking to the toilet in the middle of the night you do not want to have the lights at a 100 percent but very dimmed so you won’t get blinded.

So why using Apple HomeKit Products?

Well… It is Apple, not saying that all from Apple is awesome but when Apple want to do something, they do it. And in style! So I believe that the next big thing in home automation is Apple HomeKit enabled products because it is easy, intuitive and will dominate this market within short time. The manufactures have the option to choose from different systems at the moment. Apple has a tendency to set the standard which is why I also believe that they are worth betting on.

This site is for you who like home automation. Who like living ‘in the future’ today. I will try to keep you posted on the new stuff that goes on in this marked and hopefully you will like my findings.

Stay tuned!