Ikea Trådfri

This is a new series of products to the market for intelligent lighting in the home, thus becoming IKEAcompete with products like Philips Hue.

It is not the first time we hear about IKEA rival Osram, Philips and other solutions for smart lighting, but finally here comes the products first at the Danish market.

Series includes lamps with different brightness and composure, and Danish families will appreciate that they also have the small E14 socket in the program.

In addition, wall switches with dimmers, motion sensors as well as special light panels for cupboards and shelves. Unlike Philips Hue then IKEA wire-free only white lights and light panels. No color change.

12 products

Trådfri series consists here at the Danish premiere of 12 products that provide options to customize and personalize the lighting.

This to IKEA prices which everyone can participate. A lightdimmer set, with a smart-bulb and a dimmer, available example of kr. 149,00 (aprox $21)

“Our research tells us that many people want to change their lighting and light mood depending on what they are doing at home. There is a big difference whether it is lunch, dinner, board game or homework, you gather around the dining table. The studies also tells us that the existing lighting technology is perceived as expensive and difficult to understand, ” says Oliver Fricke, who is sales manager for lighting at IKEA Denmark.

Just a switching of lamps
The technology that enables dimming and switching of light tones that are built into the bulb, which means that one of the new LED bulbs can be used in a standard sockets – even old lamps.

You can then take a step further and personalize all lighting and app set when the home’s lights on and off.

“With the app you can for example choose the right light for an early morning, a different light to the late evening and a third for cooking or working from home. A beacon for the development of the app and our lighting products has been to make it as simple and easy to use as possible “, explains Oliver Fricke.

IKEA says that each bulb has an expected life of 25,000 hours.

At the moment IKEA TRÅDFRI is not Homekit compatible though.