The Philips Hue lighting system has become very popular and besides minor modifications of bulbs and of the app it hasn’t changed much… Until now!

Now Philips gives us the new Philips Hue Motion Sensor.

Philips Hue Motion SensorLooking at it makes you wonder what on earth this little plastic thingy can do for you, if anything at all. But then you get to know it and actually fall in love with it. As the name says it is a motion sensor and a tiny one. It runs on 2 AA batteries and is wireless so you can place it anywhere you want or exactly where you need it, on a table, a shelf, on the floor or mount it to a wall or the ceiling. It covers an angle of 100 degrees so it os fairly wide and can cover a large room such as your living room or a large hallway.huemorionsensorplace-it-anywhere360x270


Day and night setting

As you would expect the sensor turns on the lights when the it detects a movement which is very useful generally. One of the very need things and unique functions of the Hue Sensor is that you can program how the light turns on. In the evening you can set a more bright light scene so that you clearly see all obstacles at your path avoiding to trip over the children’s toys. At night when the family is sound a sleep and you need to go to the toilet you can have the Sensor turn on a night scene with only a dimmed light so nobody else get disturbed. That is quite unique and a very useful feature.

Build in daylight sensor

Hue Motion Sensor wall mountAnother cool feature is that the Hue Motion Sensor also detects how much sunlight there is at the moment. This way it knows if you need the extra light and only turns on the light when the overall light in the room is below a certain point set by you in the Hue app. This means no more lights burning at home all day because you forgot to turn it of. The sensor will do this automatically for you and turns it on again as soon as it ‘sees’ you are home again. Need!


Overall the Philips Hue Motion Sensor is very useful and Phillips have some great thoughts of how their Hue system can be evolved. I can highly recommend this small sensor. Even the price is good at only $39.99 which I find very attractive. If you already have Hue installed in your house it is definitely worth the small price and I highly recommend you to give it a try.