Philips Hue

We all have an ongoing desire to make our home more cozy, it may be new furniture, curtains, knick-knacks and many other things, but few think of the effect that light has on both your home and well-being. Until now, a dimmer and on and off the switch, was the answer to variation of one’s lighting, but with Philips Hue it opens up a whole new world.

Philips has made a series of lamps, lights and light strips that are controlled via an app on your smartphone, they are called Hue. It’s a whole new way to illuminate your home – forget about dimmers and switches, you control it all via an app where you also can save your favorite settings and recall them with a single tap. And with the new Hue Bridge 2.0 everything is compatible with Apple HomeKit.

The price for a Philips hue starter kit is around $180 in it you get 3 pieces. 10w LED bulbs with a luminosity as the old 60W, with E27 socket, controller aka bridge, power supply and a power cord. It sounds expensive, but you should not change them for the next 15 – 20 years and no need to install expensive dimmers or other expensive electronics, so it’s actually a really cheap solution.

Here is a quick overview of some of the many possibilities.

  • dimming
  • color change
  • On / off wherever you are in the world
  • The bulbs can be switched on automatically when you get home
  • Can automatically switch off when you leave home
  • Turn off everything with a tap
  • Make your own light themes
  • Attach up to 50 bulbs on the same controller
  • Voice control via Apple (Siri)
  • Many apps for both Apple and Android

No installation

Hue comes in a nice box where you find a controller, or as it is called Bridge, 3 bulbs, power supply and a network cable.Philips Hue scene

You start by unscrewing the bulbs in the lamps where you want them and turn on these lights. You connect the controller to your router with the supplied network cable and connect the power supply.

Download Hue app is available for both Android and iOS – start your app and you will be guided through the rest of the installation, it is straightforward. You need this app for the initial setup and when this is done the Home app can take over.

Using Hue at a daily basis?

In common usage, it is a pleasure to be able to create an atmosphere to suit your mood. A simple touch on the phone and you can define fun in a way you never thought possible.

  • Gret to have light when you get home, and great to know that the light turns off when you leave.
  • Set the light in the nursery to fade out within 20 minutes, the children sleep long before it becomes completely dark in the room.
  • It is a good feeling to be on vacation and could turn on, off and dim the lights to simulate one is at home at different times, it can be done both automatic and manual.
  • It’s easy and fun to make your own themes, you quickly get a few favorites, but can you always adjust, play and discover new sides of Hue.

Can Philips Hue be recommended?

I’ve had my Philips Hue starter kit in a week’s time and regret that I have not invested in this amazing opportunity to manage my light a long time ago. I’ve made a few themes that perfectly fits my living room, and in addition I plan to invest a further 2 bulb, to make it perfect.

Philips Hue can only get my warmest recommendation, it’s a whole new world that must be experienced – so go ahead, and you will not regret !! – I bought my starter kit at and can only recommend them because their service is top notch and the prices are the best on the net.

Hue and Applephilips hue on iphone

Philips Hue is certified as Apple HomeKit, which makes your Apple products work seamlessly with Hue. I have an Apple Watch, which in connection with the Siri do that I can turn on, turn off, dim and select themes, with a simple voice command.

More Hue bulbs?

I must admit that I have already extended by one colored bulb and a Hue light strip, it was simply a must after a week in which I have seen what light does for your general well-being. The Hue light strip I bought was mounted on the back of my TV. It took less than 5 minutes because it’s just to adhesive on the wall – find the center of your light strip. Hold the middle on top of your TV. See how far it goes and start then from there.. Plug it into a power outlet and ask your app to find new lamps. Less than a minute and you’ve added your light strip and added it to your scenes.

I’m sure you will be surprised at the impact.