Intelligent locking system

The August Smart Lock is a smart lock you attach to your front door to make the unlocking intelligent and automatic. Locks are some of the most important devices in your home but can also be very annoying if you loose your keys or your neighbour suddenly needs to get in to your home to help you out. Making the lock intelligent ease most of these pains as you can control the lock in many other ways than just a simple metal key.

It integrates with Apples HomeKit which means you control it just like all of your other HomeKit devices. Meaning you can use Siri to lock and unlock your door. You can tell Siri things like “Lock the front door” or ask “Is the front door secured?” and Siri will respond appropriately. Especially if you own an Apple Watch this is very useful since you just tell your watch to unlock the door before carrying all the groceries to your door.

It is also great that you can take out your mobile and see if you actually forgot to lock the door and if you did you just push the Lock button. This is, ofcourse, not necessary if you have set up some automatic locking at 9 am. each day monday – friday.

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