So what is this HomeKit that everyone is talking about?

HomeKit, aka Smart Home and Home Automation, is making your home intelligent. Turn on the light, turn off the light, turn on the oven, the TV, the heat, the radio, the washing machine, open the garage door, close the curtains, unlock the door, read out loud my email, dim the light when watching TV, turn on the light when going to the bathroom at night and much much more.

HomeKit can control almost every device you have at homeSo basically do a lot of manual tasks automatically either time based or when I tell them to be done. The latter part here is some of the essentials in homekit: Speaking to your hardware. Just as you have seen in a sci fi movie you can speak out commands to your hardware “Turn the lights in the kitchen” or “Good night” and then all lights in your house goes out, so does the TV and your blinds close.


So how is this possible?

For this to work you need some technical gadgets. All of this are controlled by a master device for example an iPhone. This should be connected to your WIFI network. At the other end you have a controller on each device you want to control also connected to your WIFI. This means that your devices are not ready today. There is a lot of work to be done before your intire home is intelligent. It will also be quite expensive if you want to enable all of your devices to be controlled. Typically you start out with something easy for example some of the lights via a Philips Hue bulp. The advantage of Philips Hue light bulp is that all you need to do is take out the old bulp and put in the new. All of the technique has been put in the socket of the bulp. So this is quite easy to do on most of your lamps. This way you can change your lights one by one and get a step closer to the intelligent home. Next you can change you blinds to intelligent ones and then your coffee machine and so on…

So now you have a clue about what HomeKit can do for you and more and more accessories are comming each month so stay tuned here at